Healthy Living in Pandemic Time


As they say a healthy body resides a healthy mind and a healthy mind resides a happy soul. Past few months have been much difficult for each one of us. The day pandemic has been announced that caused a sudden change in our lifestyles & routines. Be it working, student, or retired each one has gone to a new state of mind.

This time has been very easy to fall for bad habits. And on the top of it now it’s ‘work from home’ for some which is giving backaches, headaches, and unhealthy eating. Still, there are some people who are sailing like heroes and rejoicing the time. So, here we have gathered some great ideas that people adapted to enjoy a better & healthy life.

1.    Look For New Food Recipes:

You must have scrolled your social media feed and found many people being Masterchef of their own kitchen. Why don’t you try something new or start with your favorite food. You might cook every day or may be not at all but this will bring at least some change to what you are already doing. Look for new recipe of snack or meal in your phone or magazines. Even if you don’t know how to cook, there are N numbers of recipes that don’t need much skill. This will make you work physically & mentally. And don’t forget about eating healthy & balanced diet. Just start once and repeat it every day.


2.    Get Into Some Physical Activity:

That comfortable sofa / bed must have been your best companion during these months but this should now stop. It will be hard at first to start but try with small things like household chores or evening Bollywood dance moves or some random fitness videos. If you want to lose weight then what else can be better to start with. You can add your friends or family to start with you on video calls as using technology is always fun.


3.    Make A Routine:

So after doing the above mentioned ideas for a day or two now you can make a routine for yourself and add these activities. It doesn’t matter whether you start your day early or late, whether you work professionally or not. It’s about to break your unhealthy style of living and bringing some liveliness to each day. It could be anything big or anything small. From waking up, meditating, having or making meals, binge watching a show and dancing freely in a closed room.


4.    Start Reading A Book:

Most of the parents tried to inculcate the habit of reading books in their child which was hard but some did and some does partial. But now when we can’t move out of our houses and have nothing much to do or to think, why not to start this habit again? Take any magazine or a biography or motivational or your favourite story from childhood to start with. This will divert your mind and might give more ideas to you.


5.    Set Some Challenge:

Challenges always excite us as it is all about making or breaking rules. So you have time now challenge yourself with weight loss goal or healthy skin or deep cleaning of house or writing or even water drinking in a day. The challenge can be of anything that you have been avoiding for quite long time now. These will be regular and progressive challenge and you will definitely see some change in you or around you. You can also involve your family or friends to challenge.


The motive is just to prioritize your health and make healthy living a habit. These small changes in your life will make you strong physically & mentally.