Proven Supper Food to Burn Body Fat


People from ages are trying all the worldly techniques to lose their stubborn body fat like gym memberships, yoga classes, dieting, fasting, and what not. Still very few of them succeed and some quit too early. We did some research and found that each successful technique had a little extra super food in their diet that pushed the scale little down.

The fat burning foods are actually the ones that increase your metabolism and keep your stomach full for little longer. These super foods also create a thermo genic effect in bodies that helps in burning fat easily. Some of these food items are usually easily available in market and some are available as extracts in capsules. Not to worry Herbal Max has safest and natural products.

Some easily available supper foods:


1.     Eggs:

Start your day with scrambled egg or sunny side up or just boiled one, it will give all the protein you need in your breakfast meal. It is asked to avoid the yellow part / the yolk as it contains more calories but the whole egg is healthy. Egg contains choline, which is a major source to burn body fat and give more strength to muscles for intense workout sessions. It also keeps you full for several hours and promotes fat burning throughout the day.


2.     Coconut Oil:

Need a dietary miracle that helps you burn fat and keep your skin and hair healthy. Yes this is it, coconut oil. In north India we just know about applying it on scalp but in coastal areas, coconut oil is used in cooking as well. It decreases you triglycerides, increase metabolism and leads to burn fat faster than normal pace. Unlike other oils, coconut oil keeps nutrients intact in high temperature cooking.


3.     Banana:

Getting fat from banana is a huge myth that we have been hearing from years. Banana is a healthy & fuller meal that is rich in potassium. Potassium helps in regulating minerals & fluids in and out of body cells and it increases metabolism. Having one banana a day does no harm or adds no fat to your body in fact it just help in burning the fat.


4.     Chili Pepper:

Remember last when you had that super spicy food that gave you burning sensation inside that same will happen to your fat inside. Hot pepper fire up your metabolism and will convert food into energy. It is also well known as a natural appetite suppressant. Ones who consume it in meals are tend to eat little lesser and even later that meal. Use it as a powder or small pieces in meal.


5.     Greek Yogurt:

A full fat greek yogurt is nutritious and healthy food for post workout meal. It is a rich source of protein, potassium and calcium which boost fat burn, and keep muscles healthy during weight loss. Not just this, it has probiotics that keep your gut healthy and avoid bloating.


Some Herbal Max available products

·       Green Coffee:

Coffee is known to be one of the most energy giving beverage as it is high in caffeine but green coffee is much healthier and beneficial. It increases the levels of chlorogenic acid that reduces fat absorption and improves metabolic function.

Herbal Max Green Coffee has all these nutrients intact as it is there in natural leaf.



Garcini Combogia:

This is an exotic and rare fruit that looks like pumpkin but in different color. This fruit is a proven weight loss food as it contains Hydroxyitric Acid (HCA) that helps in burning body fat faster than any other food. As it is rarely available, Herbal Max has Gracini Combogia extract in capsule which is 100% natural and has results of weight loss.


·       Apple Cider Vinegar:

It is an ancient folk remedy with evident health benefits. While increasing the metabolism, it reduces the appetite, lower insulin level and reduces belly fat storage. Its proven results keep whole body healthy. Herbal Max has it in Liquid as well as in capsule form. Both gives same benefits it’s just for your choice.