Essential Herbs for Long & Strong Hair


Healthy & nourished hair is a dream of many people and there are some magical herbs that take care of hair health from root to tip. Some herbs are proven remedies for hair problems like regular hair fall, dandruff, damaged, balding, etc. Most of the herbs are available easily in market or even in your garden.

In Ayurveda treatments

1.        Amla or Indian Gooseberry: It has been an essential herb for hair health from ages now. Its anti-oxidant properties nourish hair follicles and restores optimum pH level of scalp.

Amla can be massaged on scalp as oil, consume it raw, make powder of it, drink juice or take capsules. All will benefit equally.


2.        Bhringraj:  Whenever it comes to hair fall or hair strengthening most of the people have suggested Bhringraj herb. Its unique properties share so many benefits like ayurvedic treatment for greying hair, for dry & itchy scalp, and most importantly hair regrowth.

Oils enriched with Bhringraj are easily available in market.


3.        Brahmi: If someone asks for best remedy for hair growth & thickness then Brahmi is the only answer. It contains alkaloids that activate proteins in body which naturally strengthens hair follicles and conditions your hair from root to tip.

It is mostly used as oil and comes in combination with other oils.


4.        Jatamansi: With anti-microbial properties, Jatamansi is very helpful in preventing dandruff and similar microbial growth on scalp or hair. Its massage will be beneficial for scalp nourishment. It also good for dry hair as oiling will leave hair shinier and smoother.

Jatamansi oil is available in market but usually work better for greying hair if mixed with Bhringraj oil.


5.        Manjishtha: Whenever there are talks about blood purification we have heard about Manjishtha. It is one of the best herbs for skin health as well. Its anti-oxidant property helps with many problems. It can be consumed as well as applied in the form of oil. It keeps hair shiny and healthy. It can also be used as hair mask.  


6.        Castor: Call it an age old tradition or an age old choice, castor oil is the most recommended for complete hair health. It is asked by each one who desire for long hair, strong hair, thick hair, re-grow hair, damaged hair, dry hair and list goes on. It works from follicles to roots.
Castor Oil is thick oil so usually mixed with coconut, almond or other herbal oil.


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