Key Benefits

Weight management and boost in metabolism

Herbal max Apple Cider Vinegar Extract capsules help you reap the benefits of ACV with an easy-to-swallow alternative that is vegan/vegetarian-friendly. Natural formula to help removes impurities from the body for a healthy body weight management & removing unnecessary toxins from the body.

Hair and Skin Health

Herbal max Apple Cider Vinegar Extract Capsule contain acetic acid, an acidic substance that can regulate your body's pH. People with dull, brittle or frizzy hair whose pH is alkaline, can bring their hair health back to normal by consuming our apple cider vinegar gummy, which helps lower the pH.

Immunity Booster

Herbal max Apple Cider Vinegar Extract Capsule can help boost immunity and may prevent respiratory illness. Moreover, ACV can soothe your sore throat and may even help to clear out sinuses.

Key Ingredients


Herbal max Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules contain natural ingredients without added flavours, colorants, preservatives, or harmful chemicals.

Apple Cider Vinegar Extract

Apple Cider Vinegar Extract: Derived from farm-fresh apples rich in anti-inflammatory, soluble fibre & good enzymes.

Fssai Certification

To ensure you get the authentic product.

How To Use

Take One Capsule


with 1 Glass of water


Twice a day 30 minutes after meal