Key Benefits

D-Sure Helpful in Diabetes

Has Anti-diabetic properties that manage both pre-meal & post-meal sugar levels by regulating sugar absorption. These fibre-rich fruits help in balanced insulin function.

D-Sure Balance Blood Suger Level

This supplement may help control blood sugar levels, promote metabolic boost for optimal weight management & supports carbs absorption in your blood.

D-Sure Increased Energy

Herbal max D-Sure Diabetic Care Kit Supplements are rich in antioxidants and act as a powerful immune booster, promoting higher energy levels.

Key Ingredients

Karela and Jamun

Diabetic patients can benefit from this powerful combination of Indian origin and notice greater energy levels, lower blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol levels. Karela and Jamun combination is anti-inflammatory and helps in reducing the bad cholesterol levels in the body. Which means a healthier heart!


can help keep blood sugar levels in check because it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. To control diabetes and lose weight, Vijaysar is known as the "Miracle Cure for Diabetes”.

Amla aloe vera juice

The potent combination of amla and aloe vera helps regulates blood sugar levels by enhancing insulin secretion. Amla has anti-diabetic properties and helps boost blood glucose metabolism. Aloe vera also provides benefits for people with diabetes as a study suggests that consuming aloe vera gel can help people achieve better fasting blood sugar levels, apart from helping reduce body weight.

How To Use


3ml – 5ml of juice in morning with water (empty Stomach) and in evening 1 hour before meal.

1 Capsule twice a day


And take before and after the meal