Key Benefits

Reduce Fatigue and Improve Stamina

These capsules made using ancient knowledge to help the body to adapt stress and fatigue. By consuming these capsules daily, you will experience reduced feeling of tiredness and increased endurance.

Boost Strength and Immunity

Regular consumption of Safed Musli helps improve muscle strength and recovery. Its immune-boosting properties help the body defend against infections and illnesses, thereby promoting overall health and well-being.

Provide right nutrients on a daily basis

Safed Musli is like a natural multivitamin that helps proper functioning of the body. Adding it to your daily routine you can ensure that you are obtaining all essential nutrients, which are necessary for maintaining overall health and vitality.

Key Ingredients

Pure & Natural

To deliver what mother nature intended.

Made from Root

To obtain maximum benefits of high saponin content.


To ensure you get the authentic product.

How To Use

Take one capsule 

Consume with water or milk

For best results

take twice daily, preferably half an hour after a meal.