Korean Ginseng 800mg For Men | Boosts Immunity, Energy & Focus-60 Vegetarian Capsules

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Made from high-grade, matured ginseng roots grown in a region with centuries of expertise, Herbal max Korean Ginseng Capsules are rich in concentrated form of highly potent ginsenosides. Each root is carefully hand-picked... and free of unnecessary fillers of harmful GMOs, ensuring the prevention of unwanted side effects and providing maximum health benefits.

Korean Ginseng - The King of Herbs
Korean Ginseng has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese and Korean medicine. One of the key reasons Korean ginseng is known as the king of herbs is because it’s believed to have lots of potential health benefits. Busy people like athletes and those with tough jobs consume Korean Ginseng to stay focused and alert all day long. Students, workers, and older folks who want to keep their minds sharp also consume it to stay on top of their game. During cold and flu season, many people, no matter their age or background, consume Korean Ginseng to boost their immune system and stay healthy. And if someone has heart problems, diabetes, or issues with their sexual health, they consume Korean Ginseng to help with those too. So, Korean Ginseng is like a superstar herb, loved by many for its many health perks.

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I like it

Acha hai

Naveen Kumar
Hardly any brand provide good quality supplements

Will explore other supplements of this brand.

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No side effect


Tarik khan
Best Product for strength and stamina

Effective product


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