Plant Based Vitamins B12 Easy to absorb formula Helps to Boost Energy Levels, Promote Better metabolism for Men & Women – 60 Capsule

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Herbal max plant-based Vitamin B12 capsules, specially formulated to meet the unique needs of Vegans and Vegetarians. Our formula combines Vit...amin B12 with a powerhouse blend of all nature’s finest ingredients including Spinach, Wheat Grass Powder, Alfalfa Leaves Powder, and Beetroot powder, delivering a potent dose of essential nutrients in every serving. Herbal max plant-based Vitamin B12 capsules are not only rich in essential nutrients but also designed for easy absorption by the body, ensuring that you receive the full spectrum of benefits from each dose. We meticulously source our ingredients, adhering to the highest standards of purity and quality. Free from preservatives and GMP certified, Herbal max provides complete peace of mind, knowing that what you're consuming is safe, potent, and ethically produced.

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