Key Benefits

Works as a powerful antioxidant protection

Antioxidants are components that help in neutralising the harmful free radicals. These free radicals are formed as a result of various chemical reactions that are taking place in our body. Free radicals are toxic and capable of harming the cells of our body. The powerful antioxidant property of Herbal max Multivitamin helps in reducing these toxic free radicals and work in a way to protect the cells. The grape seed extract is one of the potent sources of antioxidants.

Enhances immunity to fight against infections

Immunity is the property of the human body that helps in fighting back the infection-causing micro-organism. To carry out a healthy and disease-free life, you need to make your immune system strong. Vitamin C is believed to be very beneficial in increasing immunity. Herbal max Multivitamin is also composed of Zinc and Vitamin A that helps in strengthening the immune system and helps in enhancing the natural defence mechanism of our body.

Helps to reduce fatigue and boost energy

In our everyday lives, having energy is essential for getting things done and feeling good. Fatigue can weigh us down, making even simple tasks feel like a struggle. By providing essential B-vitamins like biotin and niacinamide, Herbal Max Multivitamin helps your body convert food into energy more efficiently, reducing feelings of tiredness and boosting your stamina. Whether you're working, studying, exercising, or simply enjoying time with friends and family, Herbal Max Multivitamin helps you stay alert, focused, and ready for anything.

Key Ingredients

All-Natural Ingredients


Grape Seed Extracts




How To Use

Take two capsules daily 

Consume them after a meal

Our Multivitamins easy-to-swallow capsules are designed for your convenience.